Detroit Cargo U.S.A.

Detroit Cargo was founded by two friends who made a living designing and importing mass production goods for more than 20 years. Over the years our foreign made products became well featured to a level of complexity far beyond usefulness. This was the result of low labor costs and a need to obsolete our current products. The imported products delivered everything we ever wanted except a soul. The latest product was always perfect, until next year when it was replaced and off to the land fill. We both wanted to move away from this crazy cycle of soulless consumption. We wanted to make products that that lasts a decade or more. We wanted to make products with a soul.

One day over lunch we discussed the strengths of our home city, Detroit. We noted the skill and resilience of the workers in Detroit. We decided that it was time to give “made in the USA” a shot. We have nothing against the hard working people of far off lands, but it was time for us to change. Detroit Cargo™ is high quality, leather bags that we make close to our homes. Our bicycle seat bag would fit in 50 year ago and fifty years in the future. We believe that people are ready to trade the latest disposable gadget for local made soul.